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“Blessed are the forgetful, for they get the better even of their blunders.”
― Friedrich Nietzsche

Too Blessed to be Stressed

Sometimes it just feels like no matter what…the stress can’t touch you. This wonderful Christmas ornament and other great gifts for those of us who know we’re just too blessed to be stressed.

Gold and Silver Cross

Awesome Gold and Silver Cross looks cool, but still shows your belief. Great gifts for any Christian.

Psalm 46:10

‘Be Still and Know that I AM GOD’ Psalm 46:10 on a beautiful blue sky with sun shining behind the clouds. You MUST know God is with you when you witness a scene like that.

Blue Winged Cross Mug

New design on Blessed and Devoted @ Zazzle!! Gorgeous, glossy blue winged cross. Check out all the products available at Blessed and Devoted!


Jesus is coming…

You know He is…better look busy!


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God’s Grace

We are all blessed and saved by His awesome Grace. Here’s a way to tell others and remind yourself every day. T-shirts, mugs and more…even maternity shirts! Great gift for any occasion!

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Awesome Analogy

I’m not sure where this person goes to church, and I found this on a fairly anonymous website, so I only have what is below…but it is a really insightful analogy.

Our preacher talked today about going to Heaven and coming before God on your judgement. It was a different take on it then I have ever heard before. He described it as like going into a courtroom to plead your case with and without a lawyer. If you don’t know Christ and his blood has not covered your sins you go before God for judgement and He ask “Why should you be in Heaven?” Your answer may be I’m a good person, I have lived a good life, I haven’t broken any rules and have been good all my life. That all sounds good but no where in that does it say you know God or He really knows you. But if you have been saved and the blood of Christ covers you when you stand before God and he ask “Why should you be in Heaven?” Jesus will stand for you and say I can tell you Father she/he is covered by my blood, I know her/him and their sins have been covered thru my blood and sacrifice. How Awesome is that? To know Jesus will stand up for me leaves me breathless! This was a wonderful way for our preacher to explain this in a way I could imagine and could “GET” it. Talk about an “a-ha” moment!

He who represents himself has a fool for a client!

So true.

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